Aim to Sustain


Let's face it, trying to be 'sustainable' feel like a bit of an impossible challenge doesn't it? Research concerning our environment is constantly evolving and that what is 'safe' or 'good' for our world seems to change daily. And whilst this research and progress is amazing, it can sometimes feel like whatever you do isn’t good enough.

But here at TDSC we know that doing something is better than doing nothing. Which is why we do all that we can to reduce our impact on our world.

 1. Our cosmetics:

    Our cosmetics are free from sulphates, parabens, palm oil, phthalates and many other nasty chemicals that sadly we are normally ignorant to. Many of these are not only harmful to the environment but also to us as humans. We try to reduce the amount of non-natural ingredients as much as we possibly can.

    We also have every single product safety assessed, which deems all of our products safe for use.

    2. Sustainable products:

      All of our extra products that we sell are sourced from sustainable and recyclable materials. From bamboo soap dishes and sisal bags to sponges made from waste wood pulp. We believe in reducing waste and therefore use and sell reusable ‘cotton’ buds, make up pads and face sponges that instead of being used once and thrown into landfill can be washed and reused multiple times.

      3. Reducing waste:

        Naturally when creating any handmade product there is waste. This is why we cut up all of our soap ‘offcuts’ and any aesetically imperfect soaps and pop these in our sisal bags. These then make amazing little bags of soap that can be used as a lathering sponge and when done- washed and used for your next bar.

        4. Packaging

          Every part of our packaging is recyclable. Our soap boxes are made from recycled card, our postal boxes are recyclable and packed with wood wool, also recycled. Our ‘one wash’ soap bags are recycled paper and the clear window is made from waste sugar starch.

          Our best find was our postal bags – these can be used once by me to post your items, then they can be used again as a postal bag, then once done they are fully decompostable so can be used in your food waste bin!

          5. Energy:

            As well as our house, we switched the soap workshop to a renewable energy provider. All energy we use in the production of our cosmetics is 100% renewable and 100% carbon neutral gas.

            We are very proud of our efforts to remain sustainable, there are probably many more things we can do and we will find this out over time as we continue to educate ourselves. As you know, as humans, we cannot always do everything right by our world but, here at TDSC we are trying to do the best we can.